A new chapter awaits...
Celebrate your Special Day with us!
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A new chapter awaits...
Celebrate your Special Day with us!
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Weddings & Solemnisations

Make your special day an unforgettable one at Long Beach Seafood!

Through the years, we’ve celebrated the union of many lovers with our specially curated menus, picturesque venues, private spaces and impeccable service.  Exchange your vows and cheers to new beginnings in our selection of outlets with scenic dining halls of your choice.

Dedicated to offering the finest exotic live seafood, we take pride in sustainable sourcing and storing of live seafood in optimal temperature-controlled conditions.  An array of culinary delights and perennial all-time favourites will bring you and your guests on a gastronomic ride of flavours.

Get ready to celebrate and indulge in a scrumptious gourmet feast with your loved ones~

Our Venues

Nestled away from the bustling City, bask amongst the frondescence and lush greenery.

Long Beach @ Dempsey offers a serene space that can accommodate up to 400 diners. Choose to host your wedding in our cosy Indoors &  spacious and contemporary Alfresco dining halls or choose a more intimate experience with our 10 VIP private rooms.

Soak in the vibrant vibes of the Singapore river as you take a romantic stroll.

Long Beach @ Robertson Quay is the perfect venue that offers a peerless dining experience with its minimalist interiors of calming nautical palette of colours, and a spacious Alfresco area by the riverside. Luxuriate in our VIP private rooms decked with golden interiors and plush seats.

Positioned right along the East coast, enjoy the cool breeze and tuck into a spread of Live Seafood.

Long Beach UDMC is perfect for those who love the great outdoors. Marvel at the blue sea Alfresco style or head up to our 2nd floor for air-conditioned interiors and private VIP dining spaces with an amazing overlooking view of the scenery.

Our Services

Venue Set-Up & Preparation

Leave the details and finishing touches to us, while you enjoy your special day to the fullest with ease!

Expect exquisite attention to detail, beautiful table set-ups and exceptional service. No matter the size of your Wedding/Solemnisation, we’ll ensure that it’ll be an effortless and memorable one.

Menu Curation

Celebrate one of life’s greatest milestone with a masterful pairing of flavours by our team! 

Delight in your very own customised and personalised menu curated based on your preferences. A wide variety of cooking styles and Premium Live Seafood await your selection. 

Enjoy complimentary designed Physical Menus with our Menu Curation service.

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