Available from 10 June - 16 June 2023


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Planning for Father’s day dinner? It has often been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! 

A Feast Straight To The heart ♡

Father’s day is around the corner, it’s the time to celebrate the most respectable man in your life with a sweet surprise! 

Delight in a decadent feast fit for the Master of the house at the comforts of home sweet home or whilst overlooking some stunning views at our outlets. Reward Dad with Long Beach Seafood’s specially curated Set Menus!

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With a beautiful view of the ocean
feel the sea breeze and enjoy the sound of the waves


Step into a time capsule
where memories are made and savoured


Intimate dining experience surrounded by a tranquil and serene environment with lots of greenery


Perfect waterfront backdrop for a memorable dining experience
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